Our Philosophy


At Zifra, we believe that transparency is the only way to build trust. For this reason we will make the central parts of solution available as open source software and open hardware. Unlike our users, we don’t have any secrets.


We don’t believe that information security and user-friendliness are mutually exclusive. Rather, the best security is achieved when it is built in by design and unnoticeable to the user. Our memory card does exactly that by removing the extra steps involved in securing recordings with encryption. If we get the hardware to do the job, our users won’t have to.


Our solution will work on any device and will not require any new equipment other than our card. This means that the user can continue to use their existing and preferred equipment while still having access to state-of-the-art cryptography on-the-fly.

Visiting address

Stena Center, Holtermansgatan 1D,
411 29 Göteborg, Sweden